Dear Rocco,
I have written a few books that I’ve self-published. They’ve gotten a good review or two but have only sold marginally online and in a local bookstore. I’ve always fancied myself a writer. My teachers in school said I wrote really well. Real life and a real job have gotten in the way of my dreams of being a successful author. Do you think I should quit my day job so I can work really hard on my writing?

Dear AG,
Don’t quit your day job. Everyone these days with an internet connection is a “published author” or a “journalist”. There are people out there that think just because they wrote a snarky review of their trip to Applebee’s that they are professional food critics. They’re not. That being said, having never read your stuff I can’t judge your writing. Real authors don’t self-publish they have publishers, submit transcripts, etc. These days it’s too hard to figure out who is real and who isn’t especially when people can be “reality” stars meaning in my opinion out of touch with reality. I understand everyone wants to be famous, rich and loved. But some of you guys are in for a world of disappointment – not singling you out. As someone who writes I find it easier to write when my mind is at ease – meaning not having to worry about bills, family drama, etc. – all motivation for topics to write about. If you are financially set or you have a support system with your family to nurture your talent emotionally and financially if needed you can go for it. If you enjoy writing by all means write. It doesn’t matter if you write a best seller –and if you look at what’s considered best-seller material you might have a chance.

Dear Rocco,
My friend and I moved into a new condo in town that was recently built. We both had pretty good jobs when we signed the lease. But things started to go south after a few months. First, it seemed like I was the only one buying groceries. Sure we both bought some but I stocked the place with the staples while he bought things here and there – usually stuff only he eats – snacks and stuff. My roommate lost his job and still hasn’t found work now. He’s asked me to pay a bigger part of our rent until he finds another job. That was fine the first month or two, but now it’s been four months and all he seems to do is surf the net and eat the groceries that only I am buying now. Any suggestions?

Dear WB,
Time to look for a new roommate. When it comes to paying bills sometimes you have to take a job you don’t like to meet your obligations. Sounds like you guys are young so what you are doing now unless it is your own business will not likely be what you will be doing the rest of your life. It’s easier to find a job once you are already working. There are tons of ways to make money online and otherwise. Is there an Amazon fulfillment facility in the region? They are always looking for help plus they have a great benefits package. If he is always online every business with a website has a link at the bottom for “careers” – jobs open with that company. Depending on how long your lease is it might be time to find a new roommate or a new place to live.

Dear Rocco,
We are leaving on a trip next week. I would like to leave our dog at a kennel but my wife insists that we pay for a dog sitter to stop by two or three times a day to care for it. She thinks a kennel would be too traumatic for the dog. I think it will do just fine.

Dear JH,
Kennels can be fine. Go down and talk to the people running them and watch how they interact with the other cats and dogs. My niece works at one and she dotes over the dogs and cats as if they were hers. That being said there are dog sitters, walkers, so on and so forth available online. Anytime you get a stranger to look after your beloved pet you are rolling the dice. Take the time to do the research before making your decision.

Dear Rocco,
Is there a way for me to win back the trust of my wife? I did some foolish things at a party while drunk last week. Afterwards she packed and is staying at a friend’s house. She doesn’t even want to see me. What should I do?

Dear JS,
Unless you murdered someone or actually participated in a sexual act of some sort you should be okay. It would be nice to know what you consider “foolish”. There’s a difference between foolish and stupid and if you don’t know the difference you are better off by yourself.

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