Dear Rocco,
My girlfriend’s birthday is coming up and I don’t know what to give her. I want her to never forget the evening. Do you have any ideas?

Dear EC,
Are you stupid? Self-centered? Always talking about you? How can you have a girlfriend if you don’t now anything about her? Surely you know her favorite color, band, movie, etc. If you actually knew anything about your girlfriend and paid attention, you would have already known in advance what you wanted to give her for her birthday.

Dear Rocco,
This past weekend, my boyfriend went to a bachelor’s party. There were dancers there of course. He called drunk and asked me to pick him up. He had a couple of bills folded in his shirt pocket so I know he gave the dancers money. I haven’t said anything about that evening, but I did not like the drinking or the dancers. Is there anything I should do or say now? He did apologize because his hangover prevented us from doing some planned activities the next day. Am I insecure or normal?

Dear TG,
You’re a stick in the mud. A bachelor party is a rite of passage and an opportunity for male friends to bond one more time before they pretty much lose contact with the groom and some of the attendees. If no one died, no one went to jail or ended up on the evening news, then don’t worry. Let the guys have their fun for one last night because they’re about to loose one of their group to marriage. When people get married they tend to not hang out with the same group of friends or not as often. The fact he called you to come get him is proof nothing bad really happened and he felt comfortable enough to call you to come there for him instead of taking an Uber and getting dropped off by a friend. I think he just proved his trust and love in you.

Dear Rocco,
I have been living with “Ted” for almost five years. We have even been talking about buying a house together. Last night he came home and told me he has met someone new and will be moving out this weekend. He packed a few things. He said he would be back Saturday to pick up the rest. Should I be here? I am walking from room to room and I just don’t know what to do.

Dear MW,
Sounds like “Ted” is actually a “turd”. By all means be there. He obviously was not faithful or honest with you your entire relationship. You don’t all a sudden “meet” someone and then go off with them – unless of course they’re a police officer and you’re being arrested. It’s always important no matter what kind of relationship to be there when they more out from a logical standpoint. Make sure they don’t “move” anything that isn’t his. Make sure what’s yours stays there and make sure the door hits him in the4 behind on the way out.

Dear Rocco,
I have always been the one-man kind of woman, even when I am just dating casually. Recently I started seeing three different men, two local guys, and one who lives out of state. Should I inform each that I am seeing other men? We all are dating casually and it is awkward to bring up. I have not lied to any of them but I don’t want to cause any major misunderstandings. What should I do?

Dear CS,
If you are causally dating, so are they. When you are “casually” dating there are no expectations and if either one or you are paying attention with what’s going on you should know if there is a more serious intent coming on. I’m not sure why you are now going out with multiple guys at one time when previously you stated you only were a “one-man” kind of woman. I’m not sure but perhaps you have become impatient on finding an actual real relationship for a guy and are multiplying how many you are going out with to expedite the situation. Have fun but don’t put yourself in a compromising position.

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