Melted Vinyl Step Up Their Game With Lights We Chase

Los Angeles’ Melted Vinyl has really stepped up their game over the last couple of years. The band has drawn raves playing some of the most high profile venues in the city and a series of singles released a few years ago had press deeming them the saviors or rock and roll.

Indeed their sound on singles like “DogFight” and “Look to the Sky” their sound was reminiscent of late ‘60s and ‘70s radio (the good stuff). At times in their earlier work they wore their inspirations too closely on their sleeve, giving their music a slight retro sound (many of us welcome).

With their new EP, Lights We Chase a band already really good step up their game in a big way. The band’s songwriting has matured, as one would hope the musicianship is right and what really helps the band is top-notch production. Working with six-time Grammy nominated producer Joel Hamilton, one might say Melted Vinyl truly found their voice.

The songs on Light We Chase have a mature sound with the opening track, “Beyond” taking on almost an anthematic feel with strong leads and Wolfgang King’s vocals rising and falling in great crashes as the eaves hitting the beach.

“Who Am I” is an interesting hybrid of styles as it starts off slow before picking up the face with a blues twist and King’s vocals that have a grunge aspect to them (think Chris Cornell) make a great comparison/contrast. On a song like this a lot of times the drums take over too much – a common mistake in bands, but Sam Kritzer plays with extreme discipline and precision, not to mention Alex Bender’s guitar sol that makes its point without begging for attention.

“Dionysus” is a fuzzy, dirty little song teeming with a lot of energy with bassist Juan T. Lopez setting the pace. This song in particular brings to mind blues of years pat with an electric shock. On this one you definitely get the feel of classic Led Zeppelin at times without trying to be a tribute act.

Kritzer’s drum set the tone on “Synthetic Love”. Paired with King’s psychedelic vocals brings the listener on a roller coaster ride that bets the listener to hold on tight not out of danger, instead begging you to take in the whole experience.

Lights We Chase is a solid EP that offers a little of everything you could want in an EP – songs you can relate to great fuzzy guitar, thumping bass and a strong distinctive voice. Much like their earlier songs they retain a comfortable feeling like wearing your favorite sweater on a cool night.

– Wm. Alexander