Bad Romance

Dear Rocco,
I have been so unhappy in my marriage. My husband has, in the past, treated me meanly and every time I think of it, I get so hurt and angry. I just cannot get over it and move on.

Dear TR,
To move on, you must literally move. Why are you so married if you are so unhappy? A better question is why did you marry in the first place. You must first realize why you got into the relationship. Are you a lightning rod for abuse? What was your relationship like with your parents, more specifically your father? For some reason you are treated poorly by your spouse but have not left and that is troubling. Find the source of the problem and I’m guessing it goes further than your marriage.

Dear Rocco,
How should men and women treat each other?

Dear GL,
With love and respect.

Dear Rocco,
My husband just told me this morning that he thinks I drink too much and that I should get help. What do you think?

Dear KH,
How the hell should I know? How much do you drink? Alcohol like most things that are regulated or outlawed by our government has some redeeming qualities. Believe it or not cocaine and heroin were used medicinally originally and the process of making beer was an ancient way of distilling water to make it safe to drink centuries ago. But people, especially in the United States know how to screw up a good thing and like to get their jollies and do not use restraint. That is why there are strict rules for purchasing and consuming alcohol and most outlawed drugs were abused and not used for their intended purposes. You must realize why you drink and in what situations and if these situations are appropriate. What affect has it had on your health? Are you putting someone in harm’s way whiled drinking? Often a third party can help answer these questions and others if you truly want to address the issue. There may be a trigger involved and unless I know more I can’t give you much more advice. If you’re willing to ask me, ask a true professional. It may not only save your marriage, but your life and others as well.

Dear Rocco,
My husband is a Democrat and I am Republican. We are actually arguing about the elections. I am afraid for our marriage.

Dear HB,
You should be. I am and I’ve never met you, but I sympathize with you. How the hell did you two hook up to begin with? Today’s political climate has become toxic. It used to be civil and then too many outside parties and special interest group got involved – both from inside out country and outside. Instead of listening to the majority the minority – and I’m not talking race has taken over all talks if yo listen to the press. Both political were relatively conservative with one more interested in less government involved and the other more into social issues. Today both parties are the same open and helping those who pay them (usually under the table) the best. Of late the Democrats have become a party of fringe players who have taken over a respectable political party and turned it into a freak show and the Republicans sit on their hands and are afraid to do or say anything in fear of being called racist, sexist – you name the “ist” and that’s what they’re afraid of being called in stead of leading and representing their constituents.

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