Robin Grant Goes Off Label

Jazz genre’s “It Girl”, Robin Grant returns with a new release that sees her stepping into a slightly different territory than before. The “Good Girl” chanteuse changes things up a bit with her new release, Off Label, yet doesn’t stray too far from her wheelhouse.

Strong, soaring vocals and music accompaniment are reminiscent of a bygone era, full of sass, talent and painting a cinemascape in one’s mind that evokes some of the greatest vocalists of the last century.

Still polished and pristine, there is an aggression in the new songs that give her a more of an edge without alienating her loyal fan base and in turn invites more people to come along for the melodic ride.

The undisputed queen of sophisti-pop will celebrate the release of Off Label with a performance on Sunday, November 17 at Songbirds Guitar Museum’s North Stage.

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