Angela Muñoz: Powerhouse 18-Year Old Singer Announces Debut Album + Shares New Video

Angela Muñoz is the 18-year old Los Angeles-based singer sure to add another “A” to the line-up of unforgettable soul powerhouses (think Amy Winehouse & Adele). She is an old soul that finds solace in the sound of an orchestra, turntables, or the randomness that fuels her youthful energy; a prodigy bursting with uniqueness. She believes the heart of music is emotion and this is where she finds her personal liberty and strength. Today, Angela announces details for her upcoming debut album Introspection, due June 19 via producer and multi-instrumentalist Adrian Younge’s Linear Labs label. 

Muñoz recently released her debut single “I Don’t Care,” which received early radio airplay from tastemaker stations including KCRW and KEXP, she also shares the single’s video today. Angela wrote “I Don’t Care” about how difficult staying true to who you are can be, especially as an artist, and ultimately realizing that she doesn’t need to fit into a mold. She’s been told since she was a child that, in order to succeed as a musician, she needed to change herself to look like a “superstar.” The video for “I Don’t Care” was directed by Younge and sees Muñoz peeling back the glamorous look that is expected of her to reveal her true self. She notes, “I knew that my purpose in life isn’t to be anyone’s object, it’s to share my experiences and impact people in the most positive way. I hope the song and video helps people realize that they don’t need to change the way they are to feel accepted.” 

The Los Angeles native has a hypnotic voice and creates music cultivated by a myriad of first-hand experiences and training in the art of sound. At the age of five, she discovered her distinctive voice and was considered an “old soul.” Muñoz recalls Guns N Roses’ “Welcome to The Jungle” as the catalyst that sparked her desire to become a star. She began to play instruments including guitar and piano and, with practice, Muñoz began to dominate singing competitions, leaving unexpected audiences in a trance. 

A few years ago, her brother Brandon introduced her to Something About April, a record produced by Adrian Younge. The quality of the music left her intrigued. She thought it would be interesting to create a project that encompassed various perspectives, as Younge provides with his analog recordings. Shortly thereafter, she serendipitously found herself working with ensemble The Midnight Hour, lead by Younge and Ali Shaheed Muhammad (A Tribe Called Quest), who debuted her song “Bitches do Voodoo” on their 2018 self-titled debut album.