Circles Around The Sun Release Video For “Leaving (Rogue Lemon)”

Circles Around the Sun have released a video for “Leaving (Rogue Lemon)”, the third single off the band’s new full-length studio album due this Friday, March 13. The clip was filmed and directed by Mat Dunlap with animation by Rob Fidel. Bassist Dan Horne explains: “‘Leaving (Rogue Lemon)’ is a story about a lemon that fell too far from the tree. It realized there was more to life than just being squeezed. It was tired of just making things sour, so it created its own path. But then after many wild adventures and tribulations it began to think, ‘Am I even a lemon? Was that tree even the tree from which I was grown? Maybe I was just dropped from the sky by a bird and fell through that lemon tree onto the ground, and that’s why I rolled so much farther than the others?’ The Rogue Lemon asks us to question if the cycle of life is really a cycle or is it a spiral?”

Circles Around the Sun’s self-titled seven track collection marks the final recordings of founding member and guitarist Neal Casal. The sessions were tracked at recording engineer Jim Scott’s Southern California studio just one week prior to Casal tragically taking his own life. In a note left behind by Casal, he requested that the album be completed and for the band to continue in his absence. CATS, as they are known to fans, has since made the decision to honor those wishes. For the immediate future, the band comprised by keyboardist Adam MacDougall, bassist Dan Horne and drummer Mark Levy will move forward without adding a permanent member to fill Casal’s seat, but to instead rotate different guitarists in his place. Following their recent East Coast tour in February and March, the band plays nine shows on the West Coast in April with Scott Metzger joining the fold on guitar. 

“We love this music. The three of us—Dan, Mark, and myself—we really love it and really don’t want to stop playing it,” says MacDougall. “I don’t want our decision to come off in any other way than based on the fact we really, really love this band so much. We would always sit around and talk about the dream: the feeling of what it was like to be a teenager and start your own band. It’s your band, with everyone pulling their own weight, doing their part. This band felt like being in high school again.”