Ambar Lucid Shares New Video For “The Garden Song” 

After releasing her debut album Garden of Lucid on Friday, Dominican/Mexican-American singer Ambar Lucid is sharing a new video. “The Garden Song,” directed by Thevideoboy, meets Ambar as she cascades down the center of the Earth, the artist seemingly free-falling in limbo until it’s revealed she throws herself down. The visual follows her previous video for the Aidan Cullen-directed “Story to Tell”.

Garden of Lucid is Ambar Lucid’s first full body of work following last year’s Dreaming Lucid EP and weaves together an inner dialogue, each song like a diary entry opening up about the many trials she’s already faced in her young life and the excitement and hope for what’s ahead. The record is available to purchase on vinyl now with an exclusive version on her website and another exclusive color at Urban Outfitters.

Garden of Lucid also succeeds the release of her documentary Llegaron Las Flores, which released alongside an interview on NPR and chronicles her journey to reconnect with her father for the first time after he was deported to Mexico when she was just eight years old. This experience greatly influenced her songwriting on the album and her unwavering approach to life leading NPR to note, “It’s hard to believe that Ambar Lucid is at the start of her journey because she has arrived practically fully formed.”