Austra Shares New Single “Mountain Baby” ft. Cecile Believe + A Toronto Children’s Choir

Austra – a.k.a. musician, producer, songwriter and performer Katie Austra Stelmanis – will release her fourth album HiRUDiN on May 1st via Domino, and today she shares the third single off of the forthcoming release. Oddball pop masterpiece “Mountain Baby” follows previous tracks “Risk It” and “Anywayz,” and features Montreal’s Cecile Believe (the “voice” and co-writer on SOPHIE’s Oil of Every Pearl’s Un-Insides), as well as a children’s choir from Wilkinson Public School in Toronto, where Stelmanis’ mother is a teacher. The dichotomy of the choir and Cecile’s vocals reflect the song’s intentions.

Austra explains further: “Mountain Baby explores the different stages of a breakup. Surrounded by a feeling of unknown and grounded only by a hidden sense to move forward (the choir), we’re also reminded through flashbacks of both the uncertainty and resistance we experienced in the relationship (katie), as well as the pure, unbridled joy (cecile).”

Austra’s May 2020 tour dates have been postponed to the same or an alternative venue, with the exception of London, Paris, and Madrid, which have been cancelled. New dates have been added for those cities (listed below). In addition, a fully expanded tour will be announced and on sale next month.