Public Practice Reveal New Single/Video: “My Head” 

NYC’s Public Practice have revealed a new single off their forthcoming debut album Gentle Grip (Wharf Cat). “My Head” is released today and the accompanying video was shot by the band’s guitarist Vince McClelland and directed by their front person Sam York who notes, “The video shoot for “My Head” was Public Practice’s last social activity before we went into quarantine here in NYC — the final dance! Josie and Jon, who edited the video, were the last two people I saw, passing off the hard drive with the footage and walking home listening to the news, not knowing I would be spending the next month and then some inside my apartment in social isolation. With lyrics ‘I don’t want to waste my time / I don’t want to fade away’ combined with the visual of the dancers, each isolated in their own little world, the song and video feel strikingly relevant for these strange times. This video was created on the eve of isolation, edited entirely in isolation and is now coming to you while many of us are still stuck at home, but hopefully now we’re all dancing.”