Jeremy Zucker Releases Debut Album love is not dying

Today, singer, songwriter and producer Jeremy Zucker drops his highly anticipated debut album, love is not dying.

The 13-track album—written, recorded and produced by Zucker in his Brooklyn studio—features his recently released singles, “not ur friend,” “always, i’ll care” and “julia,” as well as new focus track, “somebody loves u.” love is not dying is an intensely personal body of work, where even at times Zucker speaks through his lyrics to his loved ones and his fans. He says, “I have always historically written songs as a way of expressing things to the people around me because I haven’t always been able to express myself in words. I always stand by what gives me meaning in the music. I hope people will listen to the music and feel like they’re not alone.”

In celebration of the release, Jeremy unveils a special album listening opportunity he created for fans through the love is not dying Listening Experience. This unique experience allows fans to listen to love is not dying and live chat with Jeremy, while they watch a long-form spectrogram, or 3-D audio wave, visual that accompanies each song on the album.