New York City-Based Psych-Rock Band, Lovechild, Releases 70s-Inspired Single, “Love Me All Up”

New York City-based psych-rock band, Lovechild, has a seamless way of taking listeners back to the 70s with an authentic modern flair, and their newest single, “Love Me All Up,” is no exception. When COVID-19 sidetracked the band’s plans to tour the the southeast en route to SXSW, they did what they do best—made the most of what they had, and the uptempo rock tune emerged.

With quarantine on the horizon, the group—comprised of frontman Leo Lovechild, guitarist Aaron Mones and bassist/producer Wyatt Mones—decided to load their car with some gear and whiskey, hit the road and get their recording juices flowing. When plans changed, the band holed up in a cheap Airbnb in upstate New York and what began as an Aretha Franklin-esque soul-style love ballad, ultimately became the buoyant and loving rock track it is today.

In conjunction with the single release, Lovechild created an accompanying music video for “Love Me All Up” comprised of road musings captured on “home video” throughout the last two years.

Leo Lovechild explains, “We still wanted to give the song that same sense of romantic angst and that same live feeling that the songs in the long line of timeless soul ballads all manage to achieve.” With the same sense of optimism that the song exudes, Lovechild continues, “Recording ‘Love Me All Up’ was a reminder for us of the timeless feeling of seizing a moment, putting a finger on its pulse, and being satisfied with what you come out with.”