Introducing… Haley Blais

Vancouver-based breakout artist Haley Blais expertly puts into song so much of what humans are feeling. For years now, Haley has turned out song after song of defiant scream-into-your-pillow bedroom pop anthems, recorded in her actual bedroom. She’s organically earned a significant following and online reputation for her self-deprecating, self-loving balladry sung out in operatic crescendos. This summer finally sees the release of her debut full-length album, Below the Salt on August 25 via Tiny Kingdom Music. Today you can hear her brand new single, “On a Weekend” and “Too Good” which was released last month with an accompanying video.

Haley explains, “On a Weekend is originally about FOMO due to social anxiety or lack of a social life. But recently it has kind of inadvertently turned into a sort of quarantine anthem. So when I say, Do what you wanna do without me there with you, I really mean it.”