David Cook Premieres New Single “Reds Turn Blue” Exclusively On People Magazine Today

Musician, actor and American Idol winner David Cook returns with a new single “Reds Turn Blue” exclusively today at People.com. Listen to David Cook interview with Lyndsey Parker on Sirius/XM Volume Channel 106 later today at 8 p.m.
The song “Reds Turn Blue” is a reference to the manic highs (reds) and lows (blues) of anxiety, something David has struggled to cover come since his season 7 win on American Idol.
The track comes when uncertainty is all around, but it’s a hopeful song, as David tells People Magazine : “This song became a therapeutic process for me, as a way to personify my anxiety and make it something other than me — which in an odd way has helped me navigate my relationship with it.”
He also hopes listeners “find their own meaning” in the song. “That’s just what I’ve always [strived] for as a songwriter — to put music out there that people find something for themselves in.”
“Reds Turn Blue” is the first new music David has released since 2018s EP Chromance. That same year, Cook made his Broadway debut in “Kinky Boots” as Charlie Price. “I’ve had conversations about finding creative outlets outside of being a musician, but the timing was never right. I love the collaborative aspect of theatre, the idea of being part of a creative team and working it out in front of an audience each night.”