Ski Team Release New Single “Don’t Give Up (Yet)”

Ski Team is the moniker of New Jersey-bred, Brooklyn-based singer/songwriter Lucie Lozinski who is joined by a rotating list of collaborators, including her brother Ian Lozinski and west coast friends. Her sound ranges from melancholy bedroom acoustic to Americana with electronic influence but there’s a sense of humor and existentialism that stays strong across styles as evident in her forthcoming single “Don’t Give Up (Yet),” “an anthemic song that showcases Lucie’s vulnerability and raw emotion.” – Stage Right Secrets

“I write about my relationships with people and places. My songs usually come from being stuck somewhere—in a rut with a friend, with a boyfriend repeating the same fights, in a city that all my friends have left. I always feel caught between being too young to do something and too old to start, and my music reflects that cycle of yearning that people feel in all parts of life: when to quit a job, when to move, when to get married, when to give up?”

Growing up in a musical family, both her parents are musicians, she was singing and shaking an egg on stage with their bands by age four. By the time she was eight, she performed at the opening ceremony of the U.S. Open to a crowd of 45,000. But shortly thereafter, Lucie retreated from music, graduated from Wellesley College and moved to San Francisco to pursue a job in engineering at tech companies like Uber and Snapchat. “For most of my twenties, I spent all my time with geeks and computers. I lived alone in San Francisco and used the isolation and distance to hone my songwriting.”

Now, back to the East coast, “San Francisco still feels like home,” says Lucie. “I’ll split my time between there and here as soon as the travel restricts lift. It’s a sad, beautiful place.”