Atlanta Based Teen Sensation Leah Belle Faser to Deliver Debut EP

Few individuals are certain of their path in life at the age of 15, much less already achieved a masterful grasp on it. However, Atlanta singer-songwriter Leah Belle Faser is one of those rare types–not only committed to her artistry, but also sharing an assurance and agility translated through her music that belies her years.

This remarkable talent is on full display with Faser’s debut EP, Crossing Hermi’s Bridge (out October 16), which shows off her rootsy pop-country sensibilities and bell-clear vocals on seven compositions. Faser’s writing charmingly examines age-appropriate but nonrestrictive topics such as relationships gone both right and awry, the comforts of going home again, and the motives of certain people in one’s life; all carried by a delightfully rippling backdrop of melodies ranging from sweetly reflective to cathartically driving. Putting an exact tag on her sound proves difficult, as she moves smoothly through a variety of sonic directions, including elements of country, pop, rock and folk.

The seven songs on the set were written solely by Faser, who started unofficially penning tunes at the age of 7 and is continually working to expand on her lyrical prowess. “At my age, I don’t have as much life experience as other writers. I have to write about what I know whether it is an experience I’ve actually had in the past or a fear I have about the future,” she explains. “I write about simple things in a simple way, that allows room for listeners to reflect on their own life experiences.”

The EP’s title seeks to pinpoint the ability of music to cross boundaries between people, as it references a bridge in Faser’s hometown named after Hermione Alexander, a civil rights and social justice activist who died in 1983. “The plaque on the bridge reads ‘She built bridges across gulfs of prejudice and ignorance’ and that is something that I hope to do in my life through music or in whatever way I can.”