NYC-based Pinc Louds share “Spellbound,” an enchanting bolero-tinged ode to classic harmony groups of the 50’s and 60’s. The music video highlights the theatrical visuals of Pinc Louds, performing with vibrance to the public in New York City, bringing magic back to the city. BTRtoday premiered the track, to whom Claudi from Pinc Louds shared how “the song is about magic, and even with all that’s been going on this year, summer 2020 at Tompkins Square Park has been nothing short of magical.”

With music venues closed due to COVID-19, Pinc Louds has brought life to an eerie NYC by playing every Wednesday and Saturday at Tompkins Square Park in the East Village. Through word-of-(masked)mouth, these shows have become a summer sensation, bringing socially-distant spectators of all ages and all walks of life together in an open space where they can dance, sing and feel hope in a time where it seems to be in short supply.

These dancers, balloon-chasers, garbage-bag-performance-artists, and beautifully deranged humans of New York are the stars of Pinc Louds’ newest video for “Spellbound”, a magical concoction of a song, full of haunting melodies, bubble sounds and the power of flight. The video is a crystal ball, filled with all the magic of a summer Saturday at Tompkins Square Park. As the band plays, the people spin and sparkle, their images melting into each other in ways that only the illusion of cinema will allow in these socially distant times.

Through sorcery and music, Pinc Louds is bringing NYC back to life. Not just from the depths of a tragic pandemic, but from a decades-long slumber which, we hope, is finally over.

The video was filmed by Judy Zhu, Zhen Qin, Cristina Agostini and Matilde Benmayor. Edited by Federico Ausbury. Trashbag dancing by Maira Duarte from Dance To The People.

“Spellbound” was recorded at Studio G in Greenpoint, Brooklyn and it was mixed by Tyler Chester and mastered by Eric Boulanger.


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