Lizzie Weber Announces New Ep Set For Release January 22nd

St. Louis-bred, Seattle-based singer/songwriter Lizzie Weber has announced her forthcoming EP How Does It Feel, due out on January 22nd, with the release of the title track, available everywhere today.

“I wrote these three songs in isolation back in April,” Weber explains of the EP. “The nation had just begun to shut down due to COVID and these pieces sort of poured out of me in an unusual way. All of them were written in a single day which is not my typical songwriting process. I wrote ‘How Does It Feel’ when I was so focused on the meaning of feeling ‘safe.’ Am I safe to feel? Safe in my own skin and body? Safe to touch? And what was my personal experience was when confronting the emotions that left me feeling anything other than safe? It is an anthem of gratitude for having someone in your life that keeps you grounded in strength and resilience.”



“‘How Does It Feel’ features her breathtaking vocals paired with lyrics that everyone can relate to, especially at this time,” says Stage Right Secrets in the song’s premiere. “I’m quite proud of this song and hope it resonates with listeners,” Weber says. “In a time where so many are suffering, emotionally or physically, or both, I wanted to express my own vulnerability and make art that highlights how that openness calls for empathy from our closest loved ones and strangers alike.”

Weber credits her St. Louis roots for providing her a grounded foundation, strong values, and a sense of self – a self-awareness that enables her to write emotionally-charged music from a very vulnerable, personal place. Following the success of her 2014 eponymous full-length debut, Weber appeared on the cover of the Riverfront Times as one of “six artists to watch in 2015.” From there, she composed the music for the title track (“Vida Cafeinada”) of the documentary feature film Caffeinated.

In the fall of 2015, she produced and self-released her rendition of Nirvana’s “Heart-Shaped Box,” and worked with Grammy-award winning producer Sheldon Gomberg (Ben Harper, Ryan Adams, Rickie Lee Jones). After spending the last two years both in Seattle and on the island of Fidalgo, Weber traveled to Iceland in March 2018 to collaborate with Academy Award-winning artist Markéta Irglová (The Swell Season/Once). Together, they produced and recorded and released two songs – “River” and “Free Floating.”

Now, Weber is preparing to release her new three-song EP How Does It Feel in January 2021; the title track, an anthem of gratitude, explores the meaning behind feeling ‘safe’ and finding strength in yourself with the support of loved ones. All three songs were written in isolation accordingly, this theme is explored throughout all three songs and focuses on what can truly unite us all: empathy, and love.

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