adam brian paul Shares Debut Single “Moving On”

Today, adam brian paul announces his EP and shares the dreamy lead single “Moving On.” Hailing from Vancouver, the Hong Kong-born now Montreal-based bedroom pop artist starts his career on a strong footing with the washed out, nostalgic track. Indie88 premiered the track, praising how “the nostalgic new track comes packed with dreamy, textured instrumental lines, as adam brian paul’s silky vocals take the lead.” His debut EP wait, the path never ends? is due out December 4th.

On the track, adam brian paul says: “this song really was the start of it all for me. I was going through an immense change in my life when I wrote this and it helped me process everything that was going on. It was also the very first song I wrote/produced/sang on. The guitar riff came first and was inspired by a Roland Jazz Chorus on a snowy day in Vancouver. The lyrics wrote themselves and it all happened really organically.”

adam brian paul sends wait, the path never ends? out into the world, the debut 5-track EP from creator Brian Yim. A culmination of two years of songwriting, the record marks a shift in a clear direction – an artist finding his path. As a multi-instrumentalist with a penchant for melody, Yim found this period of dedicated writing and recording to be prolific. He struck inspiration from his myriad of influences, from his dad’s records of the Beatles and the Carpenters to his own CDs of 2000s pop punk and modern indie pop. While this EP only scrapes the surface of his library of songs, Yim’s EP comes together in a way that feels both effortless and overwhelmingly satisfactory. When the record stops, you will be glad the path of adam brian paul isn’t at its end.