Kino Motel Share Official Music Video “Waves”

Melbourne-based grit-pop duo Kino Motel share the official music video for their debut single “Waves.” Flaunt Magazine premiered the kung fu-inspired video that forms the first of an adventurous series that will see Kino Motel take their action duo dreams around the globe. Featuring a rooftop Kung fu master and a villain with strange demands, the video takes you on a journey through the gritty backstreets of Bangkok. Having shot “Waves” in Thailand, in future the second single from Kino Motel takes us to Vietnam, the third in the series to Australia, with more to come.

On the video, the band told Flaunt:

“Sneaking around in a friend’s hotel we found an abandoned floor with a stage, and some kind of sex museum with these strange abandoned hallways, and were immediately like ‘this is where we shoot, the kung fu shots were done at 25 stories up with no guard rail, it was just take a wrong step and then it’s straight down so they really took some nerve to shoot. We spent the rest of the filming skulking around the back-alleys of Bangkok, and took the entire final night to follow stray cats and dogs around until the sun came up.”