OK Cowgirl Share Debut Single “Get Gone” 

Brooklyn lofi indie rock outfit Ok Cowgirl share their debut single “Get Gone,” a loud, fuzz-laden and jaded reaction against superficiality, against younger insecurities regarding appearances, wealth, and beauty, and the wanton desire to abandon it all.

American Songwriter premiered the track alongside an interview with frontwoman Leah Lavigne last week, discussing the inspiration behind the track, freeing herself from oppressive beauty standards, rejecting capitalistic norms, and radical self-acceptance. “It felt more comfortable to come off as sad rather than angry, composed rather than chaotic, resigned rather than struggling,” says Lavigne on her music prior to this project, “at a certain point I knew I needed to let these emotions be what they were. I needed to stop filtering them and stop judging myself for feeling these things… ‘Get Gone’ was one of the first songs I wrote with this mentality of embracing my angst. In it I’m bitter and jaded, but I’m also honest and I’m proud of that.”

On the song, Look At My Record’s praises Lavigne’s “powerful and domineering vocals” that belt out her frustrations with current societal norms, with the song ultimately descending into “a punchy, fuzz-laden abyss that feels like the sonic equivalent of finally being able to release those feelings of frustration that you’ve kept locked inside your head for far too long.”

These wide-ranging sentiments, and the ways in which they inspire varied forms of dreamy, layered indie rock, serve as a demonstration of the raw, uninhibited nature of Ok Cowgirl — and frontwoman Leah Lavigne’s exploration of what it means to accept the varied emotions that come with being alive.