Signal 13 Return With New Single/Video, “All Fired Up” 

Baltimore rockers Signal 13 have just unveiled their latest single/video, “All Fired Up,” from their critically acclaimed EP, ‘Destination Unknown.’ Serving as the follow-up to the earlier singles/videos “Dirty” and “Stay With Me,” “All Fired Up” is an undeniable bluesy rocker with a shout-along/anthemic chorus.

“The song is built around this blues-rock riff that everyone really liked and it came together quickly after that,” explained the band in a statement. “Vicky had lyrics already written and immediately integrated them into the music. As soon as we started playing the main riff, she said ‘This is All Fired Up!’ and jumped right in with the lyrics. Vicky will tell you it’s about decisions and committing to move forward or back, but there is more to it than that. I don’t want to give it all away but it is much deeper if you listen closely, with some Robert Johnson inspiration going on.”

And like the other aforementioned earlier singles, a must-see video was filmed for “All Fired Up.” “We wanted to do something different than we have done before. While ‘Dirty’ was a performance video, it was very basic, with no stage, just two lights, and it fit the song. For this, with shows being shut down for so long and not being able to have people see us live, we wanted to give everyone the full show – big and bold and capturing us live. Vicky designed the stage herself and the production company really brought it to life. It was a big production for us – a fully custom designed multi-tiered stage, tons of lights, lots of cameras and different angles. It was a long day and we were having fun behind the scenes so folks hopefully get to see who we are a bit off the stage.