Chucky73 releases debut album De Chamaquito Siempre Cabezu

Today, Dominican-born, Bronx-based rapper, Chucky73, releases his debut album De Chiquito Siempre Cabezu, via his own label Sie7etr3 / Caroline. The new album is a Latin trap odyssey that is at times both rhythmically driven and lyrically outstanding. The project comes alongside a video for “Dominicana” on the heels of previously released singles “La Ñata” as well as “Tutu” and “Palos” the later of which are included on the album.

The album follows Chucky’s debut EP with Fetti031, Sie7etr3, which Rolling Stone noted, “sounds nothing like the pop-wise sung rap prevalent on the charts right now – and that’s a good thing.” De Chiquito Siempre Cabezu includes a stacked lineup that features frequent collaborators like Fetti031 alongside some of Latin Trap’s heaviest hitters including Myke Towers and Nio Garcia as well as Ñengo Flow.