Kate Clover Shares “Channel Zero” Video

Kate Clover announces her first offering of 2020, a new mix of “Channel Zero” by Carlos de la Garza (Cherry Glazerr, Bleached, Paramore, Wolf Alice), along with a remastered version of the track’s MKUltra-inspired music video, and an announcement of her upcoming Channel Zero EP, mastered by Doug Schwartz (Blondie). “Channel Zero” received praise from Under The Radar, Louder Than War, and Brooklyn Vegan, the latter of which declaring it “a terrific garage rock nugget with a little late-’70s panache.”

With its massive power-chords and defiant rallying cry against mindless media and political puppets, “Channel Zero” is drenched in classic punk energy, with Clover’s snarling vocals leading the charge. It’s the first of several songs recorded at Vesubio Studios with members of Davila 666 & Crocodiles. “I needed a new headspace creatively, and Mexico City felt like how Berlin must have felt in the late 70’s,” explains Clover. “Expatriates working on their art and collaborating with each other.”

The video for “Channel Zero,” inspired by 1960s government PSAs and the French New Wave, depicts a winking nod to Project MKUltra, a CIA-led mind control program whose legend has only grown over the years. “The imagery and sound of the track quite simply transport you back in time, so Kate and I discussed wanting to stay true to a hyper-minimalistic approach that felt like stills of a French New Wave film,” explains director Ryan Rosewall. “In the end, we were just really curious what an episode of the Twilight Zone would look like if the television could seep into a drug-induced technicolor world.”