The Five Hundred Share New Single “The Rising Tide”

2020. The year people are literally dying to forget. But as humanity struggles to cope with the effects of this pandemic, the fact remains that we’re teetering upon the precipice of something far, far worse. Never a band to shy away from the inconvenient truth, “The Rising Tide” is the second single to be released from The Five Hundred’s upcoming sophomore album, via Long Branch Records. And as this sonic monster-in-the-making begins its long sweep towards our proverbial ragged shores, guitarist Mark Byrne is ready to drag the waters – and reveal the inspiration behind the track.

“The environmental catastrophe that is headed our way will cause more deaths than COVID-19 and the solution will be far more complicated than a simple vaccine. We are all losing our shit at this pandemic, but what’s coming next is so fucked up, we won’t know what hit us. We are simply not ready for this. It’s not as bad as you think – it’s much, MUCH worse. Up until now, the scientific, political and even public discourse has focused on increasing temperatures – degrees Celsius. In the next few years, we will talk about it in terms of meters of sea level rise. Life as we know it, will not be the same, and we are just letting it play out in front of our very own eyes. That depresses me beyond belief, so I had to write about it. We are sinking in a deep blue hell. Many of the people and places we know and love, will be dragged out to the sea. Sit back and enjoy the horror show, because it’s your apocalypse, and you fucking paid for it. Hop on for the ride.”