Death Dealer Release New Lyric Video From Upcoming Album

The band Death Dealer lead by Ross The Boss has issued a new lyric video, ‘Every Nation,” off their forthcoming 3rd record, Conquered Lands – to be released worldwide November 13, 2020, through Steel Cartel.

The all-star heavy metal roster of Death Dealer features the aforementioned Ross The Boss (ex-Manowar), Sean Peck: vocals (Cage, The Three Tremors, Denner/Shermann), Stu Marshall: guitar (Dungeon, Night Legion), Steve Bolognese: drums (Ross The Boss Band, Into Eternity), and newly added bass player extraordinaire Mike Lepond (Symphony-X, Ross The Boss Band).

It is almost like Death Dealer could see the future when they wrote this song 4 years ago, as “every nation” asks the question, “What would the world be like if everyone was a metal head?” And the answer is found within this inspiring song and music video. It is times like these that we need to come together and the spirit of heavy metal can do just that.

Sean: “It is kind of weird that I wrote these lyrics 4 years ago and the video was scheduled to come out now in the middle of a turbulent time of division. The song represents how I feel that the metal community that it is an evolved society compared to others. If I see someone with an Iron Maiden shirt on at the store I say hey what is up and throw them the horns. I do not care about any of the things that could divide us. I just know we are both metal loving maniacs and that is the number one thing for me. People say it is a lifestyle off the cuff but it really is.”

Ross: “The song is really rocking and has a strong message too. Music is a uniter and the video captured the concept perfectly. This whole album is filled with great songs like this one I am really proud of it. So support heavy metal and pick it up!”

Stu: “I was hoping this track would get picked as one of the songs to do a video for. I always liked how it came together when Sean and I wrote it. This track is one I am sure we will be working into the live set in the future.”

Mike: “Sean and Stu let me be as creative as I wanted on the album. They just set me loose and trusted me 100%. This style of metal is right up my alley. It’s where my playing is at its best. The level of talent in this band is off the charts. These guys push me to the edge and I love it.”