Meridian Dawn Release New Single, Cover of Björk’s “Pagan Poetry”

Metal band Meridian Dawn have released their new single, a cover of Björk’s “Pagan Poetry” today.

“When Nick first presented the idea of covering this song I was a bit skeptical at first. But after hearing his complete reconstruction of the original I was hooked! We made it into an M.D song which was not an easy thing to do” says Antony Hämäläinen.

Nick Ziros adds, “Pagan Poetry was something I decided we should take on as a little challenge. This song is filled with beautiful melodies and we thought, “hey, lets see if we could rework this tune into our style.” I’m super stoked with the way it turned out, especially the phenomenal drumming provided by Janne Jaloma (Dark Funeral, Night Crowned).”