Baby Queen Releases Debut EP ‘Medicine’

Baby Queen releases her debut EP, Medicine, today (Wednesday, November 11) via Polydor Records. Made up of six tracks, and produced by King Ed, the EP is available on limited edition coloured vinyl, cassette and digital formats. The anti-pop star is one of the most exciting breakthrough acts of 2020 and the EP is accompanied with the release of new track “Online Dating.” Speaking about the song, Bella Latham, the South African-raised, London-living creative dynamo behind Baby Queen, said: “I’ve only ever used a dating app once. I think it was Bumble and I actually ended up dating the guy for a while so it worked, but I wrote this song when I first downloaded the app and I was having a bit of an identity crisis, like ‘am I actually that girl?’. I think the concept of dating online was just really strange to me, but at the same time, it kind of allowed me to hide behind my insecurities. This song is basically just me self-deprecating for 4 minutes. I’m actually a really insecure person and I think all my insecurities surface when I’m romantically involved with somebody or trying to impress them, so I think ‘Online Dating’ is just a mental conversation I was having with myself at the time in an incredibly apathetic way. The song isn’t about the other person at all, it’s all about me, and I think the same can be said for the internet.”