adam brian paul Shares “You and Me Both”

Today, adam brian paul shares “You and Me Both”, following up on his dreamy debut single “Moving On” from October. The upbeat, contemplative track expands on adam brian paul’s dynamic, hard-to-pin-down approach to the bedroom pop sound. Brian Yim, the man behind the project, shared an animated lyric video to accompany the single. wait, the path never ends? is out December 4th.

Exclaim premiered the track alongside some background on the song, praising “as with the deceptively intricate arrangements and found sound samples wedged into the background, there are plenty of little details to dive into. Yim shares one: “What’s key in this tune is that I sang at a higher key and pitch shifted my vocals down — probably not noticeable to anyone but it’s not exactly how my voice sounds like, and that gives me peace.”