Guided By Voices Share “Crash At Lake Placebo”

Guided By Voices share “Crash At Lake Placebo,” the second single off of their upcoming record. Brooklyn Vegan premiered the track, lauding it as “another winner from Bob Pollard’s never dry well of riffs. Like a lot of GBV songs, it owes just a little to The Who, with its anthemic guitar hook and fill-happy drumming”

Due out December 11th, Styles We Paid For is their third album of 2020, proving their tremendous pace and stamina, with no signs of slowing down. Last month, they shared lead single “Mr. Child” via Rolling Stone, earning them their 5th Rolling Stone feature of this year.

Despite the global pandemic, Guided By Voices have remained as prolific as ever, finding ways to create despite distance — Styles We Paid For was recorded by the members in five different states and is out December 11th.