Brooks Hudgins Shares “February”

Brooklyn-based multi-instrumentalist Brooks Hudgins shares “February,” off of his debut album Drive Thru Communion, due out December 11th. A breakup track with dark wit and immaculate production, Cool Hunting premiered the song, praising “lyrics of conflict paint a picture of distaste and concern over a person caught up in vice-laden and content-streaming lifestyle. Almost two minutes in, the song takes on new life as it commits to its jazzier undercurrent.” Between his raw and emotive vocals mixed with swirling instrumentals, “February” solidifies Hudgins as a venerable songwriter with the ability to create a compelling track, more of which are to be expected on his upcoming debut record.

In early 2020, Hudgins teamed up with classically trained violinist turned record producer Grant Gardner at Corner Store Studios in Ridgewood, NY to record what would eventually be tormented into Drive Thru Communion. With little experience, and a lot of unexpected global news nigh, they recorded an alt-country album with flashes of brilliance and maimed by a lot of head scratching inconsistencies.

The debut full length album is due out December 11th, and all that we can let on at this point is to expect the unexpected. The 13 tracks were recorded in various studios and bedroom closets across the US and promise a dark peculiarity characteristic of the little that we have heard from Brooks.