Laura Jinn Shares Single “I’m Beginning To Think”

Brooklyn-based artist/producer Laura Jinn shares “I’m Beginning to Think,” the fourth and final single off her upcoming EP Sick!, out this Friday. Gritty and chilling, Jinn details the hair-raising red flags of a psychotic partner through the lens of a seemingly-casual conversation with a friend.

Says Jinn on the song: “I’m beginning to think” is about how the person most likely to kill a woman who dates men is a former romantic partner. I was thinking about the funny and gossipy way in which girls talk to each other about new people they’re seeing, and how there’s also this fact that this guy, whoever he is, could turn out to be the person who murders your friend. The total dissonance of being a woman in the world who exists near men that could enact violence on you at any time while you are just living your normal life in that.

Last month, Jinn announced her debut EP Sick! a 5-track EP comprised of 15 minutes of maniacal electro goth pop chaos. Jinn made the demos in 2019 while sifting through memories of a turbulent few years to write songs that unearth a hilarity in paranoia, claustrophobia and obsession. The EP is centrally preoccupied with sickness: who has it, and who decides what it is? What would it feel like to embrace your sickness, to accept it totally and to luxuriate in it?

Once the pandemic began, such attitudes towards sickness became harder to hold. Jinn produced the final versions of the tracks while quarantining in Brooklyn with co-producer Tatum Gale. They poured themselves into the music while grappling with bigger issues: the devastation happening around them, their fear for themselves, and the privilege that kept them safe.