Mexican Ape-Lord have just issued their second studio effort, ‘Survival Cannibalism.’ And this is no average/ordinary metal release, as it is also conceptual. “It’s based on a true story of shipwreck and cannibalism,” explains the band’s guitarist, Tony Nichols. “If you listen from beginning to end, you’ll experience a trip from utter darkness to the ultimate thrill of cheating death, but the songs are also designed to stand alone. We’re a rock band first and foremost, and we want every song to pack a lot of punches.”

Formed in 2012 by Nichols (previously of MELIAH RAGE) and singer/bassist Jon Hardy (formerly of THE BAGS), MEXICAN APE-LORD are purveyors of raw and epic mountain metal. Nichols recruited producer Peter Rutcho (Metal Blade, Century Media, etc.) who recommended a monster drummer named Steve Fry (CROTALUS, GRAVEHEART). Lead guitarist Dan Dykes (TRIPHAMMER), who had just produced MELIAH RAGE’s ‘Dead to the World’ record, completed the lineup.

The band’s debut album, The Late Heavy Bombardment, was released in 2014 on Unable Records and made a slew of top ten lists. Brave Words called it “a balls-out metal album” and True Metal Lives declared, “It proudly stands up and gives genre labeling the big middle finger.”

Which leads us to ‘Survival Cannibalism’ – whose storyline turns out to literally “hit home” with Nichols. “We grew up about 60 miles from where this happened, but only learned about it recently. Unlike the well-known Salem witch trials, the cannibalism on Boon Island [a barren rocky island in Maine in 1710] is a grisly but hidden part of our past. We think it deserves a floodlight. The extreme suffering and will to survive combined with raw conflict and rage make it a natural for a metal album.”