Uni Share “DNA”

Following up on her Smashing Pumpkins video “Wyttch,” director / musician Charlotte Kemp Muhl presents “DNA” from her NYC-based glam rock trio UNI. Alt Press premiered the video and  lauded it as “another manifestation of the bizarre.. the video reminds us of a creepy elective surgery clinic this side of Marilyn Manson’s ‘Mechanical Animals’ phase.”

A cyborg recording of analog tape, industrial drum machines and bass keytar exploring postmodern themes on genetic mutation and futurism through a goth lens. All that and more is featured in the cinematically striking and thematically alarming video, to which member Charlotte Kemp Muhl offers this description:

“Crispr, gene drive, cosmetic surgery, eugenics, life extension, uploading consciousness to the cloud, bifurcation of those that can afford it and those that cannot…we are entering a post-flesh world. DNA is about our severance with all that makes us human and entering the next phase of evolution, molding ourselves into digital Demi Gods with perfect silicone bodies. Would you make this Faustian deal with technology, or retreat to the forest…?”

The video was directed by Charlotte Kemp Muhl and produced by UNI.  “DNA” is now out everywhere via Chimera Music.

Uni is a project of unbridled creative collaboration. Comprised of Charlotte Kemp Muhl (bass), David Strange (guitar) and Jack James (vocals), Uni represents what happens when three artists unleash their talents together — as evidenced by their DIY approach to their art. The band orchestrates everything from the concept to directing to producing themselves, resulting in grandiose, maximalist art.