Ayzha Nyree Releases New Track And Video “TLC”

After independently attracting a massive audience with nearly 2 million total followers online, Ayzha Nyhree releases her new track and video “TLC.”

On the track, the 21-year-old buzzing talent cruises over a throwback beat with confidence and charisma. Fusing nineties R&B and pop with hip-hop edge, she slides right into the nostalgic hook, “TLC, I don’t want no scrubs,” as she pays homage to the legendary trio. In the accompanying music video, she throws down with one impressive routine after another backed by a crew of dancers. It resembles a turn-of-the-century MTV classic clip.

She comments, “I always say music is a universal language full of vibration and energy. I want my music to make people feel happy, confident, and self-aware.”

Ayzha Nyree bobs and weaves between R&B, rap, and pop with a red-hot signature style of her own. Born in Fredericksburg, VA and based in Los Angeles now, the singer, songwriter, and artist initially built up a massive audience on Tik Tok after her remix of Chris Brown’s “No Guidance” went viral to the tune of 60 million YouTube views and 2.5 million Tik Tok creates. She also recently lent her voice to “Issues” a standout from Day Lee’s debut EP, Way of Vol. 2.