Awaken Releases “The Veil”

Awaken draws back the curtain with their modern hard rock single “The Veil”. The band’s previous release “Stained Glass”, was received well in the metal and hard rock industry. Now, Awaken has unleashed “The Veil” for their upcoming 2021 album release: Monsters & Machines. Working and establishing themselves with TLG Entertainment/INgrooves, Awaken’s first single “Stained Glass” brought clarity to the hard rock sound in the sense of lyrical content reaching deeper meanings and messages. Awaken continues to define their sound and deeper-reaching lyrics higher and higher as the newest track “The Veil” proves. Awaken’s music is a powerful rock sound that surges onwards and upwards.

‘”The Veil” is a song about the facades put on by our society, our leaders, and sometimes even ourselves. How people can go about on a daily basis keeping people in the dark of their true intentions. It’s like putting your hand over other people’s eyes while creating a cover story to buy time, knowing that it won’t last forever. The light will eventually turn on and the truth will be revealed,”‘ says the band.