Baby FuzZ Releases The  Environmental  Glam Rock Anthem  “Welcome To The Future”

Austin by way of Los Angeles artist Baby FuzZ releases  the  environmentalist arena rock anthem “Welcome To The Future., ”  the title track from his forthcoming full length album due out early next year.  “‘Welcome To The Future,’ is a glam rock environmentalist song, “ says Baby FuzZ. That sounds like a paradigm, but that’s kind of the point. The lyrics comically inhabit the carefree lives of a Karen, a Kevin, and even an alcoholic orca to point out the fleetingness that is earth. I wrote it with Scott Harris (Taylor Swift, Shawn Mendes) and Eric Nally (Foxy Shazam, Macklemore – “Downtown”), so it has this incredible arena rock energy that conveys the scale and importance taking care of the planet, but also hyper lowbrow lyrics that make the idea feel more like a dada indictment of our current outlook rather than a didactic ‘We Are The World” spinoff. ‘ I wanted it to set a more forceful tone for my newer music that raises the stakes and makes the things I’m pointing out feel more actionable.” Weaving elements of 100 gecs, My Chemical Romance, and Queen, Baby FuzZ creates something wholly original that seems to set an important tone for his sophomore effort that’s at once both apocalyptic and fun. 

This genre yo-yoing is becoming BabyFuzZ’ s signature style. Unapologetically jumping all over the genre map, with songs ranging from folk ballads to punk anthems and everything in between. As diverse as the music is, the lyrics are a singular and hyper self-aware narrative with strong political and social undertones. This song which is one of four singles that has been released from the forthcoming album Welcome To The Future…. is about our current environmental crisis. This anthemic pop meets glam rock track is sonically miles away from previous single releases, including the acid-soaked “Acid Night”  the pop-punk tongue-in-cheek “We’re All Gonna Die!!!,” to the mariachi pop-influenced “Weekend Blues “, to the raucous “Before Our Time,” that features LP.  This wild and eclectic  approach to the music is also reflected in the visuals Baby FuzZ presents of ths songs, included the eterhealy Area 51 inspired video for ““Acid Night” ,” to the warmly absurd video for   “Before Our Time,”  that tells the world’s first rock band,” through. spaghetti western filter to his fantastically freakish photos done by acclaimed  surrealist photographer Parker Day, known for capturing peacocking eccentrics.

 Last year Baby FuzZ, released his debut album Plastic Paradise independently and embarked on a 100 date DIY tour around the US. Last year was just the start for Baby FuzZ rising from the death rattle of a previous life of overthought pop demos that had finally eaten itself alive with a sense of ennui.  If Plastic Paradise was the first contact, this new album, Welcome To The Future, coming this fall, is sure to be Baby FuzZ’s full-blown alien invasion. It’s a wild concept album amazingly relevant to a dystopian America currently in a pandemic, most of it having been written and recorded during quarantine with heavy doses of conservatism, disguised symbolism, and good old fashioned American absurdity. 

Baby FuzZ is the twisted brain child of renown songwriter and producer Sterling Fox, After producing Lana Del Rey’s “Video Games,” Fox was on his way to becoming one of the most in-demand and successful pop songwriters in the business having written chart-topping hits for artists such as Gym Class Heroes, Madonna, Max Martin, Elle King, Avicii, Lana Del Rey, Britney Spears and more. Upon the election of Donald Trump, and at the peak of Fox’s songwriting career he disappeared from music and split for Canada, spending a year in Montreal, reemerging as Baby FuzZ.