Liv Strange Releases Cover of The Doors’ “People Are Strange”

Alternative Pop artist, Liv Strange, released her cover of “People Are Strange,” originally released by American rock band The Doors in the 60’s. Liv’s version of the song was produced by Svend “The Dane” Lerche and Executive Producer LeeAnna James. Liv Strange chose the date of December 8th to release the cover in honor of Jim Morrison’s birthday today.

“I decided to cover ‘People Are Strange’ because I’ve always been enamored by the oddities of the ‘average’ individual; the hidden secrets and twisted mind of your next door neighbor. We are all strange in our own way. In knowing that, it can either keep us connected to our personal freedom or burdened by its ghastly shadow,” says Strange.

Liv Strange is an alternative pop artist from Chicago, Illinois, currently living in Los Angeles. You can hear 90’s grunge and theatrical elements shine throughout her musical style. Inspired by a multitude of dramatic cinema and rock music, her style shows itself through the likes of Post Malone, Miley Cyrus and Lana Del Rey.

As a child, she often escaped into her own fantasy world by dressing up as different imaginary characters and performing her favorite songs in her family room mirror, exposing her to an intimate world of performance. Though she dreaded the idea of school, she found her only solace through music groups where she learned how to use her voice. As a shy kid, she often strayed away from the crowd. Liv’s own solitude gave her the perfect opportunity to explore her musical fantasies where she started writing her own songs and eventually learned to play the guitar. She writes and produces all of her songs to this day.

Liv’s talent brought her all the way to Romania where she worked alongside many gifted musicians from “HaHaHa Production”, writing songs that would help unravel her musical rawness. Liv’s music can be described as dark and theatrical, with a hint of rock influence. A few of her many musical heroes include: Danny Elfman, Nirvana and Queens of The Stone Age, continuing her part as a long-time fan of the swagger and style of male driven performers she always aspired to be like.

Liv has teamed up with two professional songwriters, LeeAnna James and PJ Bianco, who have helped define and amp up her unique sound. After years of artist development, she is ready to push her first ever EP out into the world where people can finally get a taste of who she is. The mysterious, yet quirky, Liv Strange.