Vessel Of Light Reveal New Video For “Torture King” From Fourth Album, Last Ride

Vessel Of Light has unveiled the latest video from the Doom-laden hard rockers’ fourth album, Last Ride, in the Sabbath-esque “Torture King.”

The video was captured by Jason Stewart and includes footage from one of Vessel Of Light’s rare full-band rehearsals, when vocalist Nathan Opposition flew in from Cleveland to join the rest of the guys in New Jersey just before Halloween.

“The opening riff to ‘Torture King’ was the first riff I wrote after we finished our last album,” says guitarist Dan Lorenzo. “Even though it’s not drop tuning it just sounded so heavy. Obviously, it’s very Sabbathy and I was curious if Nathan could come up with a cool melody line to it. When I first heard what he wrote to it I was blown away…I still am. I actually asked him if we should change the name of our new album from ‘Last Ride’ to ‘Torture King’ at one point.”

As the title may suggest, “Torture King” is in line with the lyrical theme that permeates Last Ride, exploring the darkest sides of humanity and indulging both Opposition and Lorenzo in their fascination with true crime.

“The riff in ‘Torture King’ is so heavy and dark that I wanted to make the lyrics evil and descriptive to get into the listeners head and convey a message equally as dark and sinister,” Opposition says. “For me it’s about creating a mood when I sing and when I write lyrics. The mood of ‘Torture King’ is sadistic terror through the eyes of a cold-blooded killer. The subject matter is a familiar story, from Jack the Ripper to Dennis Rader. Sick people in the world playing sick games, winning sick prizes. Just a pawn in someone else’s game of chess where human life holds no value and the ones who suffer are the innocent. There will always be real horror out there in the world no matter how much we try to hide it. There’s no escape from it, just a blind eye.”