Trini Lopez Protégé Joe Chavira Shines On His Brilliant New Solo Album, ‘No Reasons’

Acclaimed singer-songwriter and Trini Lopez protégé Joe Chavira has announced the release of his third album, No Reasons. Throughout 13 emotionally gripping original songs, Chavira establishes himself as one of the premier lyrical and melodic composers and performers working today.

No Reasons really shows off the diversity of my songwriting better than anything I’ve done before,” says Chavira. “From pop ballads to rockabilly to R&B and country, it shows off the full range of the music that I love. But each song is straight from the heart – I always try to bring honest emotions in anything I write.”

Produced by Doug Tomooka (aka Saiku Sapien), No Reasons features not one, not two, but three shining lead singles: the sleek and sexy power rocker “Tantalize,” the elegant and heart-wrenching solo piano and vocal title track, as well the uproariously funky, horn-driven groover “Say La La.”

“All three songs give you a pretty good picture of where I’m at musically and lyrically,” says Chavira. “With ‘Tantalize,’ I wanted to write a teasing, sensual song that create a visualization of passion in which listeners can establish their own fantasies. For ‘No Reasons,’ I was influenced by the stark beauty of the Eagles’ ‘Desperado,’ but I was also inspired by Bruno Mars’ ‘When I Was Your Man.’ And ‘Say La La’ is custom-made to get the party going. There’s no way you can hear that one and not want to dance.”