Hadees Market Commemorates Historic Heartbreak of 2020 Holiday Season with “(Christmas) Through the Glass”

Rosedale, WA based Alternative Rock band Hadees Market has released their tragically inspired single, “(Christmas) Through the Glass.” Paired with a haunting visualizer that reflects the current austerity of many American families’ Christmas experience of isolation this year, both visually and lyrically memorializing the agonizing desolation of many reflecting on the traditional significance of the Holiday season, digital sales of “(Christmas) Through the Glass” benefitting COVID Relief Efforts.

“A mother brings a care package across town to her adult daughter who is (with her fiance and two dogs) at home on quarantine. Standing outside, the mom can see the tears streaming down her baby’s cheeks. Inside, the daughter looks out and sees tears on her mama’s face as well. This is Christmas Through the Glass.

You may be separated from someone you love this Christmas, and that separation may be taking a toll on you both. You may be missing each other for months. And here come the holidays, when what you long for most is to be together with family and friends. Whether the glass you face is in a window, or a door, or on a computer or a phone, the warm hug you wish for is…. alas, still a ways away.
Christmas Through the Glass is a sad song. My hope is that it reminds us what we have, what we share, and where we agree. I hope it brings you and your family and friends (and all of us) a little bit closer together,” says Greg Williamson of Hadees Market.