Gooding Releases The Most Fire, Their Third Full Length Album of 2020

Nashville-based rock trio Gooding have released The Most Fire, their third full length album of 2020. The Most Fire is a follow up to the band’s recently released albums Mayday (August 21) and The Darkest of Hours (October 9) and is the third and final installment of Hymns for Revolution, a three-part concept album of dark, apocalyptic, and cinematic rock ‘n roll.

Like Mayday and The Darkest of Hours before it, The Most Fire was recorded entirely in a basement studio during the Covid-19 quarantine. As the world moves into the new year with a glimmer of hope on the horizon, The Most Fire serves as the closing chapter of the most tumultuous year of our lifetime.

In support of the new album, the band released a video for the leadoff single “Crashing Down”.

“‘Crashing Down’ is a fitting first single for the new album as it contains many of the themes for the entire record: empathy vs anger, not buying into fear and greed, becoming who we are, finding light in a difficult time, and the hope that we can remember that we need one another, and the very environment around us,” said Gooding, the band’s namesake and front man.

“The video was shot right before the sun went down here in Nashville,” he added. We’re still getting leaves out of the amps and drums.”