Dog Trainer Video For New Single “Dumb Paranoia”

NYC duo Dog Trainer (aka Nick Broman and Lucas del Calvo) today shared the video for their new single “Dumb Paranoia” via Under the Radar. The opener of their forthcoming LP Scrolling to feel better… part one, “Dumb Paranoia” grapples with snowballing anxieties that keep us awake at night as gentle acoustic strums build up to ebbing synths. “It was one of the earlier songs we wrote for the album, and was sort of a breakthrough for us in terms of the level of detail we were able to put in the lyrics,” explains the band. “We realized the opportunity we had to share what we were really going through on this release.” Scrolling to feel better… part one is out on March 26th and lead single “2019” has already earned support from The AV Club (A-Sides), NPR Music and Alternative Press (Spotify/Apple Music playlists), among others. Pre-save here.

Scrolling to feel better… part one, which was created entirely within the confines of the COVID-19 pandemic, saw the duo create together in an unprecedented way. With Broman working from his NYC apartment and del Calvo working from the basement laundry room of an Airbnb his parents had rented in Vermont, they sent beats back and forth before eventually quarantining together for three months to finish it. On the resulting album, Dog Trainer leap beyond their lo-fi origins to their most honest writing and refined self-production to date.

Broman and del Calvo, who first met as rival student jazz guitarists at the New School for Jazz, here collect their disparate influences (everything from Bon Iver, Beach House, and Porches, to the emotive pop of Lauv, Taylor Swift, Charli XCX, and The 1975) and weave them into a contradictory but enthralling sonic world of their own: acoustic guitars colliding with EDM synths and vulnerable lyrics leading to massive beat drops. Dog Trainer found their voice by drawing lyrics entirely from their lived experiences—the good and the bad, the interesting and the mundane. As such, Scrolling to feel better… part one is a work of sincerity that explores the everyday realities of millennials and Gen Z-ers, and holds a mirror up to our innermost hopes and fears.