Zayde Wølf Releases His First Single Of 2021 “Back At It” 

Nashville based writer and producer Zayde Wølf is storming into 2021 with a tour de force and fist-pumping powerful new song “Back At It.” This powerhouse of a song sets the tone for what is bound to be a huge year for Dustin Burnett the mastermind behind Zayde Wølf. ”Back at It” is the first single from Wølf’s third full-length album due out this spring. The album follows the 2018 release of Modern Alchemy, Wølf’s sophomore full-length album, which charted in over 25 countries on the iTunes charts and debuted in the top ten on the iTunes Alternative chart in the U.S. within hours of its release. Unintimidated by his past successes, Burnett has always been solely focused on making music that helps listeners to push through and overcome life’s challenges, trust that broken hearts eventually heal, and to remember that music is one of our most powerful tools for connecting us to one another. Burnett has experienced the power of music firsthand, and he’s made it his mission to share it with the rest of the world. “These songs are helping me in all these different ways,” says Burnett. “For a song to start in one place and then move all over the world to people who speak very little English is wild. These people reach out to me daily and say they are impacted by these songs in ways that turn their week around for better, or that the songs lead them to rethink a hard situation… and that’s powerful and humbling to me.”

This motivational mentality of transcending the past, and not allowing it to define who you will be, are not just concepts Burnett has embraced, but it’s how he has lived his life. Raised in Metropolis, a small town in Illinois best known for its fictional favorite son, Clark Kent, the level of success Burnett has achieved, both personally and professionally, is beyond anything he ever imagined or that was expected of him growing up. All of Burnett’s accolades may seem to be the makings of obvious solo success, but the Zayde Wolf project came somewhat accidentally.

“Towards the end of 2015, I was producing some new music as a concept. I had these new ideas, but when a couple of singers fell through, I just decided to sing on it myself,” Burnett says. “I finished the songs, and rather than use my name, I listed, ‘Zayde Wolf,’ as the artist and sent it to a licensing company in Los Angeles called Lyric House. Pretty much immediately, one of the songs was licensed. Jessica Cole, Lyric House’s President responded, ‘So who’s Zayde Wolf, anyway? We need more songs.’ That’s literally the accidental story of how I became Zayde Wolf.”