Electronica-Tinged Chanteuse Yevae Set To Release Debut Album March 12th

Electronica-tinged chanteuse Yevae (pronounced Yeh-vah) is set to release her as-of-yet-untitled debut album on Friday, March 12th. The nascent Ukrainian-American singer blends an eclectic mix of mesmerizing vocals, pulsing electronic rhythms and memorable melodies with a message of uplifting positivity for an unforgettable result. The panoramic video and poignant message for new track, “I Run To You,” exemplifies this and is out now.

Of the recently-released “I Run To You,” Yevae commented, “When you see the warning signs of suicide among your friends, you can become their bridge to the reality they are about to leave behind…This is a story about suicide with two possible outcomes. Suicide is not just an issue here in the US, global statistics are just as jarring. Depression is the leading cause of disability across the globe.”