Singer-Songwriter and Social Media Star Evanthia Theodorou  Announces New Single “Games” To Be Released January 21st

Evanthia Theodorou, a sixteen-year-old singer-songwriter and proven star of Tik Tok and other social media, has announced the upcoming release of her new single “Games,” which will be available on all streaming services on January 21st. The sly and upbeat “Games” will be Theodorou’s first release since her anthemic 2019 hit “Somewhere” which racked up over 200,000 streams with a hugely positive listener reaction bolstered by Theodorou’s passionate social media following.

“Games,” released a little over a year later, shows a different side of the singer with a confident showmanship, skewing more upbeat as she sings a scathing review of a dishonest ex-partner over a crisp, punchy modern pop beat. Inspired directly from phrases out of a journal she’s kept dutifully over the last year as she’s travelled more and more between Los Angeles and her hometown of St. Louis, the song fits very much into her personal artistic philosophy of honesty and intimate realness above all, a policy she extends to all the content she produces, including her cover song performances and dance videos. It’s almost certainly a factor in the attention she’s earned over the last year as a personality as much as an artist – Sweety High called Theodorou “the ultimate multi-hyphenate” in a feature that described “Somewhere” as “gorgeous.”

The way she sees it, the honesty of the song begets the most honest and compelling performance, a special quality she’s always admired in her songwriting and musical inspirations like Kacey Musgraves and Lennon Stella. And even at sixteen years old, the stoic emotional maturity of “Games” is the direct product of the growing up she’s done over the last year, and the elbow grease she’s put into her craft and performance.

“My songwriting is better than it’s ever been,” she points out eagerly. “I’ve grown so much since my last release, and I’ve learned so much and I’m continually growing.” And with a global audience of almost a million followers across various social media that’s grown massively since her last release and continues steadily, she’s excited to show her eager fans and followers just how much she’s learned, and hopes that the honest story and intimate emotions of the song strikes a chord in a world facing an unprecedented degree of isolation and starved for connection.