Baby Boys Share Two New Singles “Cannonball” & “Duke And The Cash” 

Baby Boys today released videos for two new singles “Cannonball” & “Duke and the Cash,” their first new music since the release of their 2019 debut EP, I’m Set, that preview the Minneapolis, MN-based group’s slate of new work for Grand Jury Music. Baby Boys—the trio of producers and multi-instrumentalists Caleb Hinz, Jake Luppen, and Nathan Stocker—together create genre-bending mischief-pop: an amalgamation of busted-up iPhone memos and nonlinear lyrics colliding with erratic sonic landscapes. Mellowed and winding, the Tropicália-tinged earworm “Cannonball” is visually matched by a Hinz-directed clip of a freewheeling rollerblader, while its more urgent and experimental counterpart “Duke and the Cash” is presented with an ecstatic dance performance filmed by YouTube star Buff Correll.

The band explains each song’s origins: “Caleb had the ‘Cannonball’ loop and we all just started throwing words at it. Hilarious and cathartic. The riff of ‘Duke and the Cash’ has been played at many a soundcheck, but we had never gotten around to actually using it to write a full song. It’s super fulfilling to finally have it be the banger it was always meant to be.”

Baby Boys is a distillation of each member’s creative vision. Luppen and Hinz handle nearly all of the programming, while Stocker is the main go-to for the analog instruments (guitars, banjos, and keys), and Hinz then sculpts it all together. They trade vocal duties off the cuff and in the moment; all of them sharing one microphone, whoever’s able to spit out a melody idea or vocal part the fastest typically gets control.