Uni Share “Hold My Gun”

Today, NYC-based glam rock trio Uni shares the video for “Hold My Gun.” Directed by member Charlotte Kemp Muhl, the film reflects the blunt power dynamics surrounding guns, flaunted with imagery of phallic firearms and bombastic sexual displays. Purple TV premiered the video for “Hold My Gun,” considering it “a satire on modern gun culture.”

Gunpowder was invented for fireworks. A spectacle of beauty. But somewhere along the way it mutated into The Good, the Bad and the Ugly. Suddenly a village idiot could obliterate a Samurai without getting close enough to smell his blood type. A lifetime of training felled by a trembling finger. Video killed the radio star, but who killed JFK? Pop culture popping a cap as incels pop pimples and Kendall Jenner proffers soda pop to angry mobs. Semi automatic, autoerotic. A Glock as reproductive organ that inseminates life in reverse. Rap, country, cop and anarchist alike can all agree on one thing: the gun as penis

Uni is a project of unbridled creative collaboration. Comprised of Charlotte Kemp Muhl (bass), David Strange (guitar) and Jack James (vocals), Uni represents what happens when three artists unleash their talents together — as evidenced by their DIY approach to their art. The band orchestrates everything from the concept to directing to producing themselves, resulting in grandiose, maximalist art.