C. Tangana Shares New Bossa Nova Single & Video

As he asserts himself as a groundbreaking figure in Latin music, C. Tangana continues to push the boundaries of what it means to create music that is not only imaginative in nature, but also in sound. Following in the footsteps of the progressive and lasting success of his first two singles “Demasiadas Mujeres” and “Tú Me Dejaste De Querer,” which peaked at #83 on the Billboard Global 200 chart, the artist known as El Madrileño demonstrates another facet of his artistry with his latest single “Comerte Entera.” This is the third single off of his highly-anticipated album El Madrileño, and is available to stream on all digital platforms today.

The single, a collaboration with Brazilian legend Toquinho, seeks to not only honor his Spanish heritage, but marks an important stop in Rio De Janeiro on the musical voyage Tangana is embarking on with his forthcoming album. C. Tangana enlisted the help of the iconic Brazilian musician so that he would lend his special touch to the guitar heard throughout the song along with soft vocalizations that can be heard as well. An unpredictable collaboration, to which C. Tangana gives a layer of contemporary varnish, thanks to the brilliant production of the always visionary and frequent collaborator, Alizzz, and of Víctor Fernández, a key multi-instrumentalist for the Madrileño’s project. With a lyrical sensuality that only Tangana can portray, “Comerte Entera” exhibits how, with respect and expertise, he can simultaneously pay homage to traditional artists from other hemispheres and create something entirely new, like the work of Spanish rumba singer El Pescaílla, who was known for his re-interpretations of bossa nova classics.