Justin Nozuka Shares “summer night o8”

Toronto-based R&B sensation Justin Nozuka shares “summer night o8,” following up on October’s hit single “No One But You.” Produced by close collaborator Mitch Reed (Niina Rosa) and recorded with Alex Sowinski of BBNG, the new single is a sweet, laid-back summer love song. Clash premiered “summer night o8,” praising how there is “a shimmering element to the surface texture, while underneath Justin Nozuka seems able to conjure the deepest emotions.” Additionally, Justin will be performing a live acoustic performance in late January (date TBC) which will be available to stream exclusively on the new “Justin Nozuka fan app” which is available via all app stores; you can also find exclusive other content within, including videos, photos, and sketches.

Nozuka has drawn praise previously with a duo of JUNO nominations in Canada, as well as winning an NRJ Award in France. Alongside this, he has toured internationally, appeared on Jimmy Kimmel Live, The Late Show and Good Morning America, as well as pulling in well over 100M streams to date.

Detailing the background of “summer night o8,” Nozuka says: “This song was written in August of 2019. It was a beautiful summer day and my friend Mitch and I made plans to make some music. We took a healthy dose of psilocybin and went to the park. This big storm cloud kept approaching and we were ready to be under it, but it seemed to never arrive. Mitch went up to my spot to grab his things as he was gonna get going. As he left the storm finally arrived and I lay under it, the rain poured down heavy. I then had this urge to write and ran back, saw Mitch just as he was leaving and asked “yo, let’s jam?”. He was absolutely down and we came back up to my spot, he sat on the keys, I grabbed my guitar and the song pretty much wrote itself.”

“I had just started seeing someone during this time, and the song was an expression of my experience. Just a real classic and effortless connection, feel good summer love, honestly. We hit up another friend of ours who’s a great drummer/artist (Alex from BBNG), we got together at his studio shortly after this. When we got there, Alex handed me a beautiful Gretsch, put it through a Binson delay, set up a vintage pencil mic for my vocal, and he sat down at the CS-60. We ran two takes and the 2nd take was the vocal/guitar/CS-60 you hear on the track now. Eventually got more players and sounds at Marquee Sound Studio.”